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November 7, 2003


Play That Funky Music, Now!


New York--A long running feud over artist royalties generated by the 70ís classic "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)" has finally ended, allowing members of the band Wild Cherry to start collecting money which they havenít seen in more than twenty years.

Although terms of the agreement where not disclosed, Jon Hichborn, President of Records On The Wall, Inc. (a royalty tracking company, who has spent the last two years working out the deal on behalf of three of the band members) was pleased with the outcome. "You see and hear this recording in many television shows, feature films and advertising campaigns," states Hichborn. "And itís nice to know that the band members will finally see royalties generated from these uses."

Most artists rely heavily on their royalties. It has been very difficult for the band to hear this classic recording over and over again, and knowing that they would not be receiving any payment. Upon telling one member of the fact he will soon be receiving royalties, he said, "I can finally listen to this song and feel good about it."


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